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Be Calm, Be Kind and Be Safe

Reopening Plans

SSAC is fully reopened and we look forward to inviting our members back. We are taking small steps to ensure you are welcomed into a safe environment and we ask for everyone’s patience over the next few months as we work out kinks in the process that are sure to appear. It has been a long nineteen months and we are dealing with ongoing and changing restrictions. With most of our members in a higher risk category for negative consequences to viral infection the Board continues to be cautious in all decisions.

Masks or face shields are required in common areas such as the lobby, halls, and washrooms. Individual room capacities remain at reduced levels to ensure physical distancing is maintained. To meet BC Vaccine Passport requirements, members must provide confirmation they are fully vaccinated. This will permit masks to be removed for some activities and for dining at the Centre. We will have posters throughout the Centre, along with copies of the rules and activities for which masks may be removed. For our members who have not been fully vaccinated, frozen entrees can be purchased to enjoy at home. Dine-in lunches are for fully vaccinated members only, as masks must be removed for eating.

Please remember to bring your membership card with you for every visit. Past/Future members who need assistance with renewing or buying new memberships are welcome to come to the office on weekdays from 11 to 2 starting immediately.

We plan to be fully open October 4th for kitchen and activities.

We are excited to be welcoming you back as we long for the social connections we have been missing for so long.


Seashell Echo

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Top News

Pay It Forward

Many of you may be familiar with the term and practice of Paying It Forward, which is simply giving back anonymously to your community.

October 1, 2021|Categories: News|

Letter From Your Cook

Hello and greetings to everyone! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have you back at the Centre and to be able to serve you hot meals once again. I have missed you very much.

October 1, 2021|Categories: News|

Coping Skills for Covid

The pandemic has been a stressor and some of us may not have the coping skills to move beyond the fear, anger, and isolation caused by this extended health emergency.

October 1, 2021|Categories: News|

August 25, 2021

Reservations are required for attendance in our General Membership Meeting. Please call 604.885.8910 or email ssac@dccnet.com to hold your seat.

Call for Volunteers

The SSAC is looking forward to reopening activities where possible this year, we therefore need volunteers to fulfill many roles. If you wish to apply to volunteer, please email ssac@dccnet.com with the subject line: Volunteer Inquiry. You can also click here to use our online form.

Life Membership Recipient

We would like to acknowledge this year’s Life Member – Kit Artus. Her work on the board has been invaluable, and with style and dignity, she has kept all of us on our toes.

Frozen Entrées

One of the most beloved of programs offered at SSAC has had nothing to do with exercise, or learning, or even socialization. It has to do with food!


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