Sechelt Activity Centre | SEE OUR UPDATE FOR CURRENT INFO | 5604 Trail Avenue Sechelt | 604-885-3513

Monthly Activity Schedule

There are lots of activities to choose from at the Centre. Click on the link below for the schedule of most activities in printable / viewable format.

Tai Chi | QiGong | Yoga | Bridge & Duplicate Bridge | Carpet Bowling | Keep Fit with Lori | Pickleball  | Fitness | Memory Cafe | Quilting | Friendship Tea | Table Tennis | Genealogy | Crafts Knitting Group | Painting | Mahjong | Line Dancing | Chair Yoga | Poker | Tango & Dance | Scrabble and More!


Pickleball is also offered with 20 sessions a week – for level play & social play. The SSAC offers both Level Play and Social Play for Pickleball.  Please check the  schedule or pick up the printed monthly schedule to see when you can play.

If you know the rules, come out to Social Play.  Coaching and equipment is provided. If you are an experienced player contact Gill or Bert  to discuss what Level  you should attend.

There are last minute changes sometimes, and… we’re hoping to add new activites –  check below for more info about specific activities –


You may try a class or activity once without being a members of the SSAC (Note:  you must still pay the drop-in fee). Memberships may be purchased from the front desk during office hours – Summer 10am-2pm (except holidays)

2019 Memberships now cost only $15 –  valid until the end of 2019.

Guest Tickets

Having visitors for a week or two?  Members may purchase a strip of 5 Guest Tickets for $25 during office hours.  These can be used by guests to cover a $3 activity without having to purchase a membership.  Simply put the Guest Ticket in the activity fee bag in lieu of $3.

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