Wednesday, March 20th is the date of the Annual General Meeting. All board positions will be up for election. Our full complement is 5 Executive members (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Maintenance Director). In addition, there are 6 Directors-at-large. They take on roles as heads of various administrative committees such as Security, Health & Safety, Special Events, Fund Raising, Communications, and Legal and Legislation. In order, to ensure we have a successful transition to a new board we need nomination of candidates to all positions and a large attendance at the AGM. Only members 50 years of age or older can vote at the meeting.

All our current board members are ending one-year terms, but a change in our constitution voted through at the Fall General Members meeting, is to have a mixture of two and one-year terms for board members. This will ensure only partial replacement of the board at each election. A candidate nominating committee comprised of Susan Grenville (Chair), Bert Carswell, Alison Kowalewski and Gill Smith will solicit nominations and receive nomination forms and organize the voting at the AGM. Nomination forms can be picked up at the main office. A display in the main corridor will list nominated candidates as they are approved.

Every candidate for election must either be nominated by the nominating committee, or in writing, signed by at least two Regular Members in good standing. The candidate must consent in writing to the nomination, and the nomination and consent must be received by the Chair of the nominating committee (Susan Grenville) via her mailbox in the office, at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled time for the election. Nominations shall not be accepted from the floor at the AGM.

Please consider putting your name forward for election to the Board. The Centre is a very rewarding and enjoyable place to be. We are evolving quickly and need new blood to keep stimulating our development and help maintain the current level of service.