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VCH and Re-opening

Over the course of the first half of 2021, SSAC has been privileged to provide the largest, cleanest, and most hospitable vaccination clinic on the coast.

2021-07-25T13:29:49-07:00July 25, 2021|News|

SSAC Thank You Raffle

Win $100 worth of Emily’s home-cooked frozen dinners in SSAC's Thank You Raffle! Tickets at only $5 each available at the SSAC. Draw date Feb. 10, 2021.

2021-01-15T13:43:13-08:00January 14, 2021|News|

Tracing Footsteps

CFUW Sunshine Coast invites you to a Zoom Art Exhibition - Tracing Footsteps, a collaboration between a soldier killed in action and the niece he never met.

2021-01-14T18:06:26-08:00January 14, 2021|News|

Season’s Greetings & Thoughts

Well, it’s that time of year again. When we can reflect and try to say something positive about 2020. This year, stay up on New Years even if only to make sure the last one leaves.

2020-12-06T14:52:09-08:00December 5, 2020|News|

And Now the Good News!

As a result of the multiple closures this year, and in an effort to reduce the workload for volunteers in December and January, we are changing the way we handle memberships at the Centre.

2020-12-06T14:52:42-08:00December 5, 2020|News|

Feeling Bored? Get on Board!

We’re pretty sure the Board of Directors who navigated through the renovation of 2018 figured that would be the most difficult year to be a director. Little did they know!

2020-12-06T14:52:50-08:00December 5, 2020|News|

Staying on Track with Change

Using this time of limited “on the floor” activities, your Board of Directors has been attempting to wrestle to the ground issues simmering at the Centre prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020-12-06T14:52:17-08:00December 5, 2020|News|

It’s All About the Numbers

Welcome to November, more than seven months into a health emergency that continues to give us little hope of returning to what once was normal. Trying to predict the future is like guessing the winning lottery numbers. 

2020-11-05T11:38:18-08:00November 2, 2020|News|