Christmas Closure: As usual, the Centre will be closing for the Christmas holidays. This allows our chefs Emily and Liz and centre manager Gill to have their well-earned holidays, as do many of the volunteers. Therefore, the office and the kitchen services are closed from Tuesday Dec. 19th through Jan. 1st. Consequently, there will be no office services or hot lunches served during this period. Activities, where back door entrance is made available, may be proceeding as usual. Check for specifics with the coordinator of your activity.

Christmas Lunch: The closure will be after the Christmas buffet lunch on Monday Dec. 18th at 12:30pm (doors open at noon). The lunch is an amazing buffet that Emily and Liz with their volunteers put on in the Auditorium. The menu runs the gamut of all tastes from traditional turkey dinner through vegan feast. Tickets are on sale for $25 each but limited to 100 diners (members only). There will be door prizes, a 50/50 draw and a raffle of two valuable gift baskets. One of them will be a basket containing 10 assorted bottles of wine, with each bottle having been donated by one of our current board members. A special treat during the dessert course will be a 30-minute performance by the Funtastics, as they make a triumphant return to the SSAC Auditorium.

Christmas Drop-ins: Christmas can be a lonely time, without opportunities to see other Centre members due to the closure of SSAC. Thanks to the efforts of some wonderful volunteers, we will be opening the Lounge and Lunchroom for drop-in sessions with a Christmas vibe. The openings are 1–4 pm on Dec. 19th to 21st, and 27th to 29th. The schedule to-date is shown below. There will be complimentary tea and coffee, and baked goods by donation. All SSAC members are welcome to enjoy our Christmas revelries. If you have musical talent and would like to participate, let us know and we can fit you in to events. If you do know someone who will be alone this Christmas, please reach out to them. Christmas is an especially difficult time to be on your own.