The SSAC New Year dance with Creek Big Band was a big success. What a wonderful party. We were sold out! The music was great. The dance floor was full of happy people until the end. We not only celebrated New Year, but everyone helped celebrate Yvette and Gordon Fleming’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. They supplied a wedding cake and carnations for us all to take home. And Richard Corbet’s Carrot cake was a hit as well.

January snowfall put a damper on our January 17th dance with Martini Madness. Lots of folks chose not to venture out, but the ones that attended were not sorry. We were all dancing until the end to tunes that we all knew. Many were asking for more.

On January 27th we also held a Country Dance Workshop. This is starting to be popular, with more and more new people attending.

Get ready for the February 17th Mardi Gras dance with Mitch Lazer and his group. Again, guaranteed good music to dance to, or just enjoy a glass of wine and listen.
Many thanks to the volunteers who come out every month to help us set up and clean after the dance. Also, thanks to the volunteer bartenders who make the dances more enjoyable. I would like to thank all who participate in SSAC dance events as well. Looking forward to seeing you next month!

Jay Alexov and the Special Events Committee