Why aren’t we open yet?

For more than a year, the board has been wrestling with issues around re-opening and impacts of closure on our members. It has resulted in a limited re-opening last summer and the kitchen service we now offer. Rest assured that your board is determined to re-open for normal activities as soon as that is possible. The third wave of the pandemic is now fully upon us and numbers, even here on the coast, are rising steadily and alarmingly. On the other hand (or arm), many of our members are now vaccinated, complicating the matter considerably. We are seeking advice from health authority personnel and from legal counsel on how and when an eventual re-opening will take place. At the moment, we cannot foresee re-opening this spring — and even summer is very questionable. That’s as far as our crystal ball allows us to see . . . if you can see further, please step forward and give us the benefit of your vision!

When can I book my vaccine appointment?

This, and all questions about vaccinations are rightly put to Vancouver Coastal Health. Your board member who is at the Centre answering phones and taking in-person questions has no more information about the vaccination roll-out than you . . . everything we learn, we learn from the VCH website and the news.

When can members renew their memberships?

You can now renew your membership for one year. Membership fees are $30 and will be effective from the time of purchase up to one year. Members can drop by the office from 11 am to 2 pm to pick up their cards.

Will “dine –in” at the SSAC resume?

No, unfortunately not for now while we are still in a pandemic.

Who is in charge of activities?

Please call the Centre Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 11 am and 2 pm and ask any questions you would like answered. Reception: 604.885.3513
Office: 604.885.8910

Who do we contact for Rental Info?

Please send all inquiries to ssac@dccnet.com with the subject: Attention – Rentals

If you have a question you (and likely other members) would like answered, you are welcome to drop by (check this website or Facebook page for office hours — they change frequently), send us an e-mail, or use the contact form below and we’ll try our best to answer it. If you decide to come to the Centre, please remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask . . . it’s a small kindness you can easily extend to everyone you meet.