Welcome to Members – Returning & New

As a member-driven society we are pleased to serve our community. We are aware the community we serve is comprised of higher-risk individuals. To meet Public Health requirements and to take reasonable steps to protect the health and well-being of our members, we have implemented the following measures:

  1. Masks (or face shields) are required to enter this facility. Masks are to be worn in all common areas: lobby, hall, washrooms.
  2. All members (entering this facility) are to be fully vaccinated, and you will be asked to disclose this at the front door.
  3. Access to our facility and activities is restricted to members only. We will return to having guests and the general public in our facility as conditions permit.
  4. Membership cards must be shown at every visit and every activity. Please keep your membership card on you at all times.

We will review the ‘member only’ policy as we enter into the New Year, with the hopes of reinstating guest passes. Personal Care Providers that are fully vaccinated are permitted to enter with a member.

If you are renewing your membership, or would like to join, please speak to our greeter at the front door. Thank you for following the above protocols.


Memberships may be purchased at the front desk during office hours from 11am to 2pm, Monday to Friday (except holidays). Memberships cost $30 per calendar year.