Using this time of limited “on the floor” activities, your Board of Directors has been attempting to wrestle to the ground issues simmering at the Centre prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. As the Centre (and its membership) has grown, it has become increasingly challenging for board members to pay proper attention to the long term picture.

Managing day-to-day operational issues consumes our time on an ever-increasing basis. This has led to burn-out among directors— the attrition rate steadily increasing in direct proportion to the workload. It has also led to a lack of attention to issues of a comprehensive nature. In other words, directors have been spending their time on the minutia of operations to the exclusion of planning and governance.

We have been consulting with outside agencies, independent individuals and others concerning how best to transition the board from one that manages the daily operations to one with a mandate to lead the Centre into and within the post-pandemic reality.

Currently, your board has been attempting to redefine the job previously described as “Rentals and Activities Co-ordinator,” incorporating many of the same responsibilities but adding to them managerial authority to more completely handle daily operations, while still reporting to the Board.

The process of change is complex and one step under consideration is to replace “Day Director” positions with ones that are reflective of a change to governance. That would see the board comprised of some current members serving in a more general capacity, together with new specific positions on the board. By way of example, new positions may include “Legal Counsel” and “Financial Counsel”.

Change is never easy, and your board is looking to make this transition as seamless as possible. We are confident we are moving in the right direction, but much deliberation remains to be done, and clarity on roles, responsibilities, positions, titles, etc. needs to be established.

Fortunately, the pandemic has provided us the opportunity to reflect on these issues more substantively than during normal operations.

As we move forward, we will be seeking continued input from members to be sure we are “on track” to providing the right services in the right way to the right people. While we had originally hoped to bring a comprehensive proposal to membership for the October mid-year general membership meeting, it now seems unlikely we will be prepared even to bring it to membership at the AGM in February. While every effort is being made to do so, it seems more likely this transition will be left for the 2021 Board to bring to fruition.

We are hopeful that we are successful in recruiting members to step forward and join the Board of Directors early in 2021.
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