Due to the increase in demand for meals at lunch time, there was often a long line of members in the corridor waiting to order their meals. This clearly was not acceptable for many of our members who were forced to stand for a long period of time. To help correct this problem, a new lunch entry system was developed. Now at the greeter’s desk you are given a number for you or your group once you show your SSAC membership card, and then are asked to take a seat in the lunchroom. This allows you to keep your place in line to order and pay for your meal, whilst sitting in comfort.

  • Numbers will commence being handed out at 11:15 am.
  • Please have your membership card ready to show the greeter.
  • If you have forgotten your card, go to the reception desk to obtain a slip with your number to show the greeter.
  • Enter the lunchroom immediately once you get your number to avoid the numbers being called out of sequence.
  • Take a seat at a table and wait for your number to be called.

When your number is called you can go up to the cashier and order your food. Typically, you then go to the counter to pick up your order. The entrée may be brought directly to your table, with your number standing upright.

For take-out service, the procedure is the same, other than seating. For this purpose, chairs are set in front of the order desk, rather than at a table.

The Affordable Lunch program, through the generosity of many of our members, will have the effect of keeping the prices low and affordable for all our members, despite rising food costs. The program will be reviewed at the end of November to apply these funds to modify the monthly balance of kitchen income and expenses.

An unnecessary expense and production of waste is the use of take-out containers to carry out a portion of your meal. If you know that you usually cannot eat all the large meal portion, please consider bringing your own recyclable container to put the excess food in. This request also applies to those using the take-out service.

At times, the demand and the volume of members arriving at the same time may slow the process of getting your food order. We urgently need more kitchen volunteers to assist either with prepping, serving the meals or washing dishes during a weekday. Your volunteer efforts will be greatly appreciated.