Thank you to those who have shown their faith in us by donating to our Centre. In next month’s issue we will show the honour list of those donors who have allowed us to publicly thank them. However, many of you have made much appreciated anonymous gifts to our causes. The three donation thermometers indicate our very encouraging start to our gifting campaign. It is heartwarming to see such a positive response to the Affordable Lunch program which is important for food security. Since Sept 5th a sum of $279 has been anonymously donated through the collection box at the lunch counter. In addition to the initial balance of $440, and $1,100 donated through the front desk, the total gifts to that program already amount to $1,819. We are well on our way to our yearly target of $10,000.

The SSAC Endowment Fund administered by the Sunshine Coast Foundation (SCF) has already reached $9,000, thanks to a very generous donation of $4,000 from Andre Casaubon, a volunteer Pickleball coach and a highly valued Yoga Instructor. Once we reach a minimum of $10,000 it will trigger interest disbursement after the next fiscal year. The target in the first year is $100,000.

We have just received exciting news of an incentive donation to our Endowment fund.

The Sunshine Coast Foundation’s Board of Directors approved a two-tier incentive of up to $10,000 to support the SSAC’s fundraising campaign during its first year: $5,000 when the endowment fund reaches $50,000 and another $5,000 when it reaches $100,000. This incentive is made possible by a generous unrestricted donation to the Sunshine Coast Foundation through the estate of Mary Gordon on behalf of the Mary and Cecil Gordon/James and Phyllis Parker families.

Mary Gordon and her family grew up here and her family owned many of the buildings on Cowrie street, including Sechelt’s Parker’s Hardware store, which was owned by her parents, James and Phyllis Parker for many years. Mary also worked as a nurse for several years, ending her nursing career at Sechelt Hospital. It was very clear in conversations with Mary Gordon’s donor advisor that seniors’ care, health, wellness, and activities were very close to Mary’s heart. Supporting the growth of the SSAC endowment fund is a perfect fit!

Thanks from all our members to the Sunshine Coast Foundation board and the Gordon and Parker families.

With $900 already donated to the General Revenue program it shows that you also understand our need for financial support for copious maintenance and upgrade costs. To date the total donated to all three programs is $12,319! Thank you so much for all your gifts that will help us maintain and strengthen the services for our members.

Legacy Giving: An option for gifting you might like to explore which would leave a lasting impact would be planned giving by including the Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre in your will. It is a method of donation that causes no current personal financial burden but will have a long-lasting effect. If the SSAC has been an important part of your life and you wish to aid in its sustainability, please consider our Endowment Fund as the perfect vehicle for your estate gifting. A gift to the Endowment Fund becomes the gift that keeps giving, with annual interest disbursements.

If you do choose to include us in your will, the Sunshine Coast Foundation has provided us with appropriate wording:

“I give the sum of $ ____________ or _____% of the residue of my estate to the SUNSHINE COAST FOUNDATION, charitable registration #896086105RR0001, to be applied to the Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre Endowment Fund. It is my wish that this gift be held in perpetuity and that the annual grant making therefrom, as determined by the Board of the SUNSHINE COAST FOUNDATION, be devoted to the charitable interests as set out in the Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre Endowment Fund.”

Consider also including us in memorial tributes and celebrations of life. Suggesting that a donation to the Seniors Centre in memory of your loved one would be appreciated.
As we are rapidly approaching 1,600 active members, it is a time when we are focused on making the SSAC experience the best it can be as “your home away from home”.
Your ongoing gifting is essential to making that happen, as we strive to encourage such a supportive environment for all our members.

Richard Ward