General Info

Mission Statement:

We promote companionship, mental and physical stimulation and social opportunities for members by providing activities and services that support independence and wellbeing.


  • Directors Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 9:30 am
  • General Meeting: 3rd Thursday in October at 1:30pm
  • Annual General Meeting: 3rd Thursday in February at 1:30pm

2017/2018 Board of Directors



  • President, Joanne Rykers
  • Past President, Barbara Lightfoot
  • Vice President, Wayne Jensen (Charlie)
  • Treasurer, Donna Marsh
  • Maintenance, Tony Stroud
  • Secretary

Directors at Large:

  • Margaret Boyd, Dorothy Fraser, Ron Atkinson, Linda Stroud, Kit Moffat, Tess Apedaile
  • *All directors can be reached by email at Please indicate which Director you are contacting.


  • Bus: Chair, Rick McGowan
  • Communication: Chair, Linda Stroud
  • Computer Maintenance: Chair, David Marsh
  • Fundraising: Chair,  Joanne Rykers
  • Kitchen: Chair, Wayne Jensen
  • Life Membership: Chair, Barbara Lightfoot
  • Maintenance:  Chair, Tony Stroud
  • Membership and Volunteer Coordinator: Chair, Margaret Boyd
  • Outdoor Sign: George Thacker
  • Reception Desk: Chair, Irene Jankovits
  • Seashell Echo Newsletter: Laurel Ennis and Gill Smith
  • Security: Chair, Mike McCarthy
  • Special Events: Chair, Kit Artus
  • Web site: Barbara Lightfoot, Gill Smith



  • Bartender: Franz Erber
  • Blood Pressure Readings Fridays: Dorothy Fraser, Ann Fitzau, Barbara Lightfoot
  • History: Chair, Bonnie Hewitt
  • Janitor: Jim Coffin
  • Cook: Emily McPherson
  • Rental and Activities Coordinator: Gill Smith


  • Drop-In Activity Fees Apply to ALL Activities
  • Activity Fee MUST Be Paid in Full Regardless of Time Spent
  • Membership Dues are $25:00 per calendar year. NB: Membership is open to all ages, but voting privileges are reserved for those members who are over 50 years of age.


Christmas/New Year Break – closed on Friday December 15th and will re-open on Tuesday January 2nd, 2018
Family Day – Monday February 12th
Good Friday – Friday March 30th
Easter Monday – Monday April 2nd
Victoria Day – Monday May 21st
Summer Office & Kitchen Closure – Saturday June 23rd  to Tuesday September 4th
Thanksgiving Day – Monday October 8th
Remembrance Day – Sunday November 11th
Christmas/New Year Break – closed on Friday December 14th and will re-open on Wednesday, January 2nd 2019

*Groups using the Centre on closed dates will make arrangements with Mike McCarthy, security; to open and close the building with the understanding they are responsible for the building while they are using it.