A wonderful place to play pickleball on the Coast. A great layout, totally fair for people of all ages and abilities.

Everyone is entitled to play 2 times a week at Level Play. In addition, Social Play is also offered so people of all levels of ability can play together in a pleasant atmosphere.

It’s only $3 per session (SSAC membership is required).  There is equipment and coaching available. And . . . we’re awesome. You are welcome to try pickleball once (just pay the $3 fee) before joining the SSAC.

There will be a sign up sheet for interested beginners at the front desk.

Played Before?

If you have played elsewhere you are welcome to come to our Social Play sessions:

  • SPAL – Social Play All Levels,
  • SPBI – Social Play Beginners to Intermediate (1.0 to 2.5/3ish)
  • SPIA – Social Play Intermediate to Advanced (3.ish and above).

Assessed Play

If you have been assessed elsewhere, you are welcome to come out to Level Play session at the level at which you have been assessed – email Gill/Richard at ssacpickleball@gmail.com and we’ll let the group know you will  be showing up. We reserve the right to reassess as all groups assess somewhat differently. If you would like to be assessed to move up to the next Level, check out our procedure below.

We are rated fairly, but remember our population. As the sport grows and more young people participate and techniques improve, these ratings might be too high for tournament players. We’re okay with that.

Thank you to all of our coaches for volunteering their time to help interested players improve their games. Pickleball Machine sessions are being organized by the coaches to help us keeners improve our skills even more. Much appreciated!

Pickleball at the SSAC is inclusive, fair, fun and competitive, with an emphasis on FUN! The Centre is the best venue on the Coast, with well-maintained, air conditioned regulation-sized courts with a new sports floor.

All pickleball players, whether beginners, top-level players or players who simply enjoy being physically active and want to play for fun, are equally important. The Centre provides opportunities for players regardless of age, ability or interests, through level play and social play, and other special sessions–all at an affordable cost.

There are set times for level play and social play. Please click the schedule button at the bottom of this page to confirm play times.

If you are new to the SSAC, but have played before, you can attend Social Play or Beginners but do not drop into another level play session without first discussing your situation with Gill or Richard.

We use rally scoring when there are players waiting. If there are only 8 players, the server chooses between traditional and rally scoring.

(Click here for details about Rally Point Scoring)

Safety First

The game of pickleball like any physical activity bears inherent risk. It must be understood by all participants that they accept these risks when they play this sport at the SSAC.

Players are responsible for assessing their own health and fitness status before participating in training and before playing every game to determine if they are fit and ready to play.

In addition, participants must abide by our Code of Conduct and ensure that they do not behave in a way that could injure others.

Below are links to information about Pickleball at the SSAC and coaching tips:

Questions? Email us at ssacpickleball@gmail.com.