Have you heard about ElderDog Canada? It is a nationwide, community based, non-profit, and is registered as a charitable organization. It was founded in 2009 in Nova Scotia, and now has branches in eight provinces including BC.

Preserving the human/animal bond through care, companionship, education and research supports ageing people and their ageing dogs.

With over 25 branches called “Pawds” this volunteer based program assists older adults in the care of their canine companions. The services provided include: dog walking, light grooming, obtaining food and feeding dogs, and transportation to and from the vet.

ElderDog Canada also supports elderly dogs by fostering/re-homing dogs when their owners move to a short or long- term care home that does not allow dogs, or when owners require hospitalization.

Recruiting Volunteers on the Sunshine Coast

The local Pawd, ElderDog Sunshine Coast is celebrating their first anniversary of operating on the Coast. The volunteer base continues to develop in order to support the growing needs of our community. If you are interested in volunteering please email Kira Sufalko at . You can also access the volunteer form as well as more information about ElderDog Canada by visiting www.elderdog.ca (go to the volunteer tab at the top of the Elderdog website).

Let’s help to support seniors and senior dogs, and help to keep humans and their canine companions together.