The Elections BC rental has provided a financial boost that essentially reverses losses from the forced closure due to COVID-19. Revenue of over $40,000 for six weeks of “displacement” has lifted us from a precarious financial position and will allow us to continue operations well into 2021 — and assist in meeting our financial goals moving forward.

Meanwhile, unforeseen expenses have arisen. Most recently, the heating system has been “acting up” and may require a costly repair. Coast Climate Control has been on site at least 4 times in the past 2 weeks trying to keep the kitchen’s air handling unit functioning. The prognosis is grim, as the unit is over 21 years old and parts are no longer available. Diagnostics continue and we are hoping not to be hit with too large a bill once a remedy is determined.

On the “up-side”, the solar panel installation continues to pay dividends — even in these colder days of late autumn. While the $55 saved in October doesn’t sound like much, it has raised the savings close to $1,000 since installation was complete in March, and by year’s end, it looks like total savings on this account will amount to more than $1,100 . . . or the equivalent of one month’s usage prior to COVID. (Keep hoping for sunshine)!

With the November re-start, we are anticipating an increase in revenue moving forward, and are hopeful that by early 2021, we can be back to operating at a break-even pace.