BINGO is running very successfully with lots of laughter and many returning players each week. BINGO runs every Tuesday starting 2pm; doors open at 1:30pm.

Admission is now open to members accompanied by up to two non-member guests. The 10-game program takes about 2 hours to complete including an intermission after game 5. The minimum buy-in of a 10-game pack of 3-up sheets (3 cards per game) can be purchased for $20. Single game BINGO sheets and dabbers and snacks are available for purchase upon entry and during the BINGO session. The 10-game schedule features varied game patterns with increasing cash prizes, with the most recent game-10 jackpot being $200.

Due to the limited seating capacity, both members and their guests need to secure a seat in advance by registering at the SSAC Office during the week prior to the event by phone (604-885-3513) or in-person. Admission at the door without pre-registering, will only be possible if the seating limit is not filled by the time of the event. Our enthusiastic volunteers look forward to welcoming you to a fun-filled time.