Oh What A Night! The Creek Big Band did a fabulous job at our Mardi Gras. The dance floor was covered with people finding their ‘dancing legs’ after a lengthy hiatus! Congratulations to Ron Skeen on winning the costume prize from Eva’s Day Spa.

The Times They Are A Changin’ and we are looking ahead to the varied events of the next few months! The March 18 party will be called AT THE HOP, music by Jim Taylor with a 50s and 60s vibe! Poodle skirts? Skinny jeans? Cigarettes in the sleeve of your t-shirt? Forget I said that! Dressing in costume is always optional! Tickets are $15.

For April 15 we will welcome Good Vibrations with the music of Duke of Earles, advancing the music theme into the seventies! Bell Bottoms! Psychedelic shirts! Who keeps this stuff in their closet and who can still fit into it? Wear it if you dare!

On May 20 we are hoping to bring you a great Noche Latina. Go to Google to see what that is! Again, music, costumes, dancing, and maybe even a latin dance tutorial will be on offer! It’s My Party and it can be yours too! If you don’t dance, I hear that watching and listening can be pretty entertaining too.
June . . . is a work in progress. We think it will be time for Line Dancing Unlimited with Blue Western!

Finally, I want to thank the unnamed group of magicians who, at the end of each event, make the chairs, tables and decorations disappear! Thank you.

Colleen Sand

Note: Embedded in this article are names of songs from the 50s and 60s. Identify the singer who made the song popular at that time to enter a draw for 2 free tickets to the March 18 AT THE HOP! Ballots and ballot box are at the SSAC office. Enter only once, identifying yourself by membership number!