SAC is delighted to have a new program launching Oct 4th. A program that has been made possible through financial support from the District of Sechelt, Community Investment Program.

Many of you may be familiar with the term and practice of Paying It Forward, which is simply giving back anonymously to your community. We do this not only to help others and give a hand up, but to celebrate our blessings.

Some of our members may be unaware that 13% of seniors struggle with low income and face daily challenges paying for rent, food and the necessities of life. As we are a membership community, comprised mainly of seniors, we see this struggle and the results of the tough choices made.

We are looking for volunteers to assist us through the re-opening process and to reinstate the active volunteer committees. If you were part of a volunteer committee, we will be contacting you. If you have always wanted to be part of something special, please reach out and let us know your preferences. We have a long list of things to be done, and will try to accommodate your time availability. More hands make the tasks smaller.

SSAC created the ‘Pay It Forward’ program to provide a system in which those who can afford to donate $1 can buy a button. Those that need help to get a frozen entrée can use buttons (paid for by fellow members) to purchase frozen entrees. All done with discretion and dignity.

Members who come to buy lunches and frozen entrées will see a large tub of buttons on the counter. Buttons that are purchased will be placed in a small jar and tallied at the end of the day. Anyone who needs assistance in purchasing entrées can approach Lori, our Centre Manager, who will facilitate the purchase with discretion. Frozen entrées will be made available from the current selection.

For every six buttons purchased, one member in our community will have a delicious meal to enjoy.

“Pay It Forward” is made possible through financial support from the Community Investment Program of the District of Sechelt.