The Pandemic Pause is slowly receding, giving way to renewed friendships and activities.The disruptions to our taken-for-granted routines and associations have made us appreciate all the more the services and facilities provided by the Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre Society.

During the downtime, the society’s Board took advantage of the opportunity to attend to some neglected aspects of organization and operation. Along with the painting and repairing, a small group of members have undertaken a review of the society’s sustaining structures, its constitution and bylaws.

In January the review team will present their recommendations and invite comments from the general membership. Bylaws need periodic tidying up, to keep the governing rules consistent with current practice and good old common sense.

There is a more urgent need for redefining the size and scope of the Board, to spread the work more evenly and rebalance the duties and responsibilities of board positions.

Watch for notices inviting your participation in responding to the recommendations in the later part of January, and think about becoming involved in steering the direction of this diverse and vital crowd of Sunshine Coast seniors.

Sue Jackal