CFUW Sunshine Coast invites you to a Zoom Art Exhibition — Tracing Footsteps, a collaboration between a soldier killed in action and the niece he never met.

Tracing Footsteps is an exhibition of sketches drawn by Bruce Black before he was killed in action in 1944 and paintings by his niece, Lynda Manson, who was inspired by his work. This collection was exhibited recently in New York City. Lynda, a member of CFUW Sunshine Coast, will guide you through the story behind the creation of this art exhibition.

“For me, to paint is not a choice but an obsession. I am endlessly fascinated with the possibilities for creating an image by simply using brushes, little piles of paint and an empty canvas, Whether it’s the play of light and shadow, interesting textures or form or intriguing colour combinations, if it stirs an emotional response, I am compelled to paint. Translating that emotion onto a two dimensional canvas can be very challenging. I try to first capture the viewers’ interest with colour and form and then draw into the core of the painting, instilling a feeling that might mimic my own or better yet allow them to interpret the image in a very personal way.”- Lynda Manson

To purchase tickets ($10.00) and/or a book using credit cards, click here.

Go to for tickets, e-book or soft cover book using electronic transfer or cheque.

We have all been stuck at home for a long time, so we encourage you to treat this as a special occasion by dressing up, bringing your favourite libation, taking a selfie, etc. Please invite your friends or family to attend. Tickets are limited so reserve your place as soon as possible.

All proceeds from the event are donated to Bursary Society CFUW SC who award bursaries to Sunshine Coast women pursuing further education. If you have any questions, please contact Barb at 604-885-5380 or Carol at 604-747-2044.

Donations to the Bursary Society CFUW SC are gratefully accepted and can be made at Tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 or more.