Well, normalcy seems to be reappearing at the “Sechelt Seniors Activity Center” (SSAC), and although some COVID protocols are still in place members seem to be back enjoying their selected programs, and our volunteers are working hard to ensure your enjoyment and safety, health wise that is.

But today I would like to give a hearty thank you to our membership, you have returned in large numbers, and you have done this in a manner that makes us very proud.

You have entered daily, fully masked and fully vaccinated, and there has been absolutely no push back regarding the protocols we have put in place.

It has been my pleasure since being elected as Vice President to meet and greet many of you who arrive at the Centre in the morning (I am not a “Walmart Greeter” by trade). I have managed to remember some of your names, others, you are a number.

In fact at times it feels like going to “Camp” as a kid, having you all come in with your Yoga mat rolls, your sports bags jammed full, and a great assortment of water bottles.

Other programs I have dropped into to see how things are going:

Carpet bowling is in full swing, the Poker players are all having fun, Painting Pals looks full, Duplicate Bridge is as popular as ever, the Quilting Group are as boisterous as ever, as I found out the other day, Ukulele is now in the dining room on Tuesdays. Memory Café is doing a wonderful job. Chair Yoga is another great health help program, and two types of Mahjong, a great game you should all try one day, and the various fitness offerings are as usual well attended. Some activities are on hold for summer, but there is still plenty going on.

I still have to get around to Table Tennis and Line Dancing, plus I must not forget the very popular Pickleball program. I do not venture in while you are playing, but I do know many of you and realize how important this program is to you. And I wish I could join you. Some programs use the back door so most of you I miss seeing.

You will see a great deal of requests for volunteers to help at the Centre, this would not be the case if so many of you had not returned as members.

Thank you members for returning and continuing to support the SSAC, your enthusiasm and cheerful attitude is (If you will excuse the expression) infectious. You certainly get my day off to a good start.

Thank you one more time to a wonderful membership.

Roy Wren
Vice President SSAC