The unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic caught most of us by surprise. Through its devastating consequences there have been many lessons learned. Amongst them, communication has proven a vital tool in informing the world about all aspects of this deadly virus. The world looked to leaders such as Dr. Bonnie Henry to inform us, unite us and calm us down.

Communication is a vital tool and the SSAC acknowledges its importance in these challenging times.

As businesses, communities and citizens slowly make their way back to establishing the ‘new norm’, communication remains a top priority. The SSAC recognizes the importance of communication and over the past several months we have been working on a plan to be able to streamline important information. Our goal is to be able to provide members with easy access to our communication platform which includes a newly revamped website, our Seashell Echo newsletter and social media. Members can expect to have timely, consistent, current information about activities with schedules updated as we open up our centre to more programs. Our new website will have a Covid page that will provide important information, as well as stories about events at the centre.

We will also have a section on our website where members can ask questions and look to the Q&A for answers to most commonly asked questions. We are hoping you will help us determine what is important to add to our website and other communication vehicles.

We encourage all members to access the website and we are here to assist if you need help. If the website isn’t your thing, you can be assured you will be provided the same information through our revamped Seashell Echo newsletter or on social media—so everyone will have easy access to information.

Looking forward to seeing you back at the centre soon. Thank you for your patience over the past few months.