We are all aware of the many challenges faced over the last two years. The pandemic has been a stressor and some of us may not have the coping skills to move beyond the fear, anger, and isolation caused by this extended health emergency.

SSAC is pleased to be able to offer ‘Coping during Covid’ a 4-week program to teach resilience building strategies during challenging times. Tools learned will be helpful for the difficult times we are currently facing. The skills developed will also be applicable to many of the ups and downs we all face in life.

Dates and times have not been confirmed but classes will be 90 minutes each, held weekly for the four week program. Presented in cooperation with Canadian Mental Health, this program will be offered without charge and includes an online workbook with many tools to take with you. If this course would be of interest, please reach out to the Centre to have your name added to a list. We have limited capacity and are attempting to determine whether in-person or virtual/electronic meetings are preferred, and if day or evenings are best.

This fall, SSAC will also be making space available for a Mental Health Coordinator to be on-site for drop-in consultations. When dates and times are confirmed, we will post notices on Facebook and around the Centre.