To paraphrase the words of HRH QE2, “2020 . . . annus horribilus.”

We’re pretty sure the Board of Directors who navigated through the renovation of 2018 figured that would be the most difficult year to be a director. Little did they know!

This year we’ve faced many challenges, and we’ve managed to get through without completely collapsing. The casualties, however, are mounting. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve lost (or are losing) the following board members:

  1. Maintenance Director — Fred Schembri
    Fred stayed with us for the shortest period, but his input and help was very valuable during his tenure.
  2. Past-President — Joanne Rykers
    You knew her as president in 2019, and in 2020 she was serving as past-president, then she sold her house and moved to Vancouver Island.
  3. Treasurer — Sylvia Graber
    Sylvia had indomitably stickhandled her way through the books, but she has decided pass the job on to someone new.
  4. Secretary — Mary Bittroff
    After serving as secretary for several years, Mary will be moving to Comox the day after the AGM in February to be closer to her family.
  5. Day Director — Kit Artus
    After many years on the board and many more as a volunteer, Kit has decided to return to being a volunteer effective 2021. This last year Kit has directed her time to developing the policies and risk assessment processes to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Kit says it is time to enjoy friends and still contribute to the Centre.
  6. Day Director — Marni Mulloy
    Marni has decided that she would like to take a step back. The extra work she has put in during the pandemic has been remarkable, and we will miss her as a director next year. Marni has said she intends to continue to volunteer with us.
  7. Day Director — Christine O’Brennan
    Christine, you may not know, was also in charge of managing the issuance and control of keys for the Centre. Chris decided in September she just couldn’t continue.
  8. Director at Large — Margaret Boyd
    Margaret has been a tireless director for many years. She has been involved with many committees such as volunteers, decorations and directed the interior design of the renovated Centre. She will be missed. Be safe Margaret, stay well and see you at reception!

That leaves just four members of your Board who have stuck it out and plan to run again in 2021. Chris Kane, president; Ken White, vice-president; together with Tony Stroud, and Bev Wickham, Day Directors.

So, we’re looking for a new batch of “volunteers” to help. The transition to full operation we anticipate occurring as we enter 2021 will need to be guided carefully and the talents and skills of our members will be drawn on heavily to do so successfully. If you think you have something to bring to the table, talk to one of the survivors of 2020, email us or even send us a note by snail mail to start the process and “get on board”. The Centre needs all the help we can get, and you may be just the right fit to fill a role in helping to guide this ship safely to port.

Thank you all for your patience and your words of appreciation—we hope to see you all soon.