Hopefully, by the time you read this the heat has subsided and things are starting to return to “normal”. In the summer, the Centre is open Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) from 10am to 2pm and is a cool place to relax. In addition to her wonderful frozen entrees, until she takes her well-earned vacation at the end of August, Emily will be serving her delicious soup and sandwiches and, of course, desserts (whipped cream hmmmm?) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Fish & Chips on Fridays. It is “take away” to give our volunteers a break in the summer, but feel free to enjoy your lunch in the lunch room on those days with your friends.

On Wednesdays, you can stay for cards and board games. This is a new activity and fun games of Scrabble and Crib have been played so far, with lots more options available. Thanks to our new member and volunteer, Sally, for donating a brand new game of Clue. It’s great for the brain, playing games, and trying to remember the rules. It’s also a great way to meet new people and have a laugh. This is a $4 activity.

Speaking of activities, wait for it . . . Activity Cards are back! Woo hoo! No more scrambling for loonies and toonies. Packages of 10 tickets are available at the front desk on weekdays from 10am–2pm.

Activities with a paid instructor are $6 per class and other activities are $4 per session.

Write your name and number on each card and pop one into the plastic bag instead of cash each time you attend a session. These cards are a bit glossy, so you might want to use a marker and write your name and number on all of them. Or, write the information on the back.

If you have an idea for an activity that you would like to lead, please speak to Eric in the office soon. It would be great to have the activity schedule done mid August so that we can move into September full force.

The Activity Schedule is greatly reduced in the summer with many activities taking a break. However, still come out and enjoy Carpet Bowling
on Mondays. Ukulele on Tuesdays will resume again shortly.

Morning Yoga sessions with John, Fitness with Jacquie, Bridge, Pickleball, Memory Café and Line Dancing continue.

And speaking of dancing . . . the SSAC line dancers participated in the Canada Day Parade and then put on an awesome show at the new amphitheatre in Hackett Park. Great job Jay and your entire crew.

At the Centre, Traditionally Twain, a Shania Twain tribute band, put on an amazing show in July. Over 100 people attended, including our line dancers and many members. A wonderful time was had by all. Audience members were up dancing almost immediately! The event was a hybrid—it was a rental, with a bar that was run for the benefit of the Centre. Thanks to Alison and Jurgen for organizing the bar and to everyone who turned up and had a good time. They’ll be back! There was a lot of enthusiasm for resuming music and dances at the Centre. Hopefully, we can start working on that soon.

Speaking of shows . . . The Funtastics are coming back for a show in October! This is a traditional fundraiser at the Centre with talented and hardworking members entertaining us with music and skits. There will be auditions in August for those interested in trying out. Thanks to Colleen, Norma, Mo, Les and all the volunteers for all the hard work you will be doing. We need the “fun” the Funtastics deliver.

And speaking of fun . . . how about all the bus trips that are being offered? Huge thanks to the bus committee for organizing everything, but especially to Kathleen DuFour, our friendly volunteer bus driver. Sign up at the office for a variety of outings, with someone else driving! If you have any suggestions for future bus trips, let us know and the committee will discuss your ideas.

I was thinking that things have been slow and there is so much that needs to be done, but I’m reading this and thinking that the Centre is really starting to be an active fun place again. Thanks to all our workers, volunteers and members who help make this place rock! See you soon.