On Sunday May 15th, the Centre held its inaugural Dinking Tournament to honour Serge Planidin who passed away earlier this year.

Serge was instrumental in developing the pickleball program at our Activity Centre over ten years ago. In addition to ten years as a volunteer dishwasher in our kitchen, Serge coached beginners and others several times a week and loved helping people improve their games. Serge worked hard over the years, along with so many other volunteers, to ensure that the Centre was fair and fun for everyone. This tournament was a great way to honour his legacy and boy was it FUN!

Congratulations to the winner—Cathy Kiss, and runners up Koen Drugman, Jan Meyer and Margaret Webb.

Thanks to Helen and Richard Ward and all your wonderful helpers, and to Stephanie and Sylvia for ensuring Sharon Planidin was able to attend and see the admiration and affection the Centre has for Serge.