Welcome to November, more than seven months into a health emergency that continues to give us little hope of returning to what once was normal. Trying to predict the future is like guessing the winning lottery numbers.

Your board constantly reviews options and determines the best course of action to clear the next hurdle. For example, near the end of September, it was determined that the expense of keeping a rentals and activities coordinator on contract during this period of limited activity was not an effective use of already stretched resources. Following the concurrent decision by our volunteer treasurer to resign, the determination was made that those funds would be more effectively spent on managing our accounting practices. As a result, we are stick handling the rentals and activities between a few volunteer directors, and our bookkeeping has been contracted out on an interim basis.

Even though a lack of fundraising and the scarcity of activities have impacted our finances, the food program continues to be successful, and the rental to Elections BC has bolstered our reserves considerably. Now that EBC has vacated, we are eagerly anticipating the sound of pickleball in the auditorium and the resumption of additional activities throughout the centre. We invite all members to participate in those activities that we can find a safe way of facilitating. We also encourage members to volunteer if you feel comfortable doing so. By making yourself known at this time, you will assist us in determining the feasibility of renewing a number of operations.

We currently have 1,200 members, down only slightly from 2019. We intend to modify our annual membership structure to reflect the anniversary date of each individual application for membership or renewal. So, if you become a member (or renew your membership) on February 2, 2021, your membership would extend to February 1, 2022. In this way, your membership will be valid for a year from purchase, regardless of the start date. This procedure will also serve to spread out our revenue through a greater part of the year and eventually, there will not be a rush of new memberships and renewals for volunteers to manage each January.

Our next board of directors meeting will be held on Tuesday November 10, at 10 am in the auditorium. We invite you to attend this board meeting as we will be hosting a question and answer session with members immediately following the business of the meeting. Reservations are required and will be accepted for 24 members only, to maintain social distancing. To reserve your spot, please make your request by e-mail to and include your contact information (Name, Member #, Phone Number). Additional Q&A sessions following future board meetings may be scheduled, based on demand.

It bears repeating that your board is very appreciative of your patience and tolerance of all the interruptions in service you have endured during these past months. It is our sincerest hope that we can return the centre to being the hub of activity for which it previously was so cherished.